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China says COVID wave has peaked in many areas

BEIJING: State media reported on Tuesday that many areas of China have

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Pfizer CEO tests positive for COVID for a second time

Pfizer Inc CEO Albert Bourla said on Saturday he had tried positive

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US sends new lot of 4.7m doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Pakistan

The United States on Tuesday delivered 4.7 million more doses of Pfizer

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New Pfizer vaccine against Omicron variant in March

NEW YORK: Pfizer expects a Covid-19 antibody focusing on the Omicron variation

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France bans most UK travel as fears over Omicron mount

PARIS: France said on Thursday that it would boycott unimportant travel to

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WHO warns against vaccine hoarding, says Omicron ‘mostly mild’

THE HAGUE: The EU prescriptions guard dog said on Thursday the Omicron

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Sindh govt seeks 2m doses of Covid vaccines for booster shots

KARACHI: The Sindh government needs 2,000,000 dosages of Covid-19 immunizations to offer

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Vaccinating adults more urgent than children: WHO

ISLAMABAD: As Pakistan inoculates north of 6,000,000 kids, the World Health Organization

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US to buy 10m courses of Pfizer’s pill for $5.3bn

WASHINGTON: Pfizer Inc said on Thursday the US government would pay $5.29

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Pfizer files for US authorisation of promising Covid-19 antiviral pill

Pfizer Inc said on Tuesday it is looking for US authorization of

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