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I. PKKH: Idea and Background

PKKH is Pakistan’s leading alternative policy institute and online news service – working towards creating awareness and highlighting the various global and regional security threats Pakistan faces. PKKH works with analysts, journalists and media personalities in Pakistan to encourage dialogue and action on policy matters as well as creating awareness within the populace about key security and defense issues, using mass media presence, talk shows, advertising, public events and road shows.


Founded in August 2008 as a personal blog on ideological reasons, PKKH soon found that it had the power to assimilate like-minded youth from all sectors, who previously did not have an unbiased platform to voice them and grew quickly into a defense and regional security think tank, establishing working relationships with a number of leading journalists and analysts in Pakistan. PKKH’s reports on the 2008 Mumbai attacks were widely quoted in Pakistani and international media, and at one point the Mumbai Police commissioner Hasan Gafoor and the Maharashtra Home Minister Jayant Patil held separate press conferences in response to a report published by PKKH.

PKKH came into limelight mainly when it ran a nationwide campaign of seminars and lectures in Pakistan, inviting various speakers and youth icons to speak to university and college students to strengthen the ideology and identity of Pakistan. PKKH planned and set up the Takmeel-e-pakistan campaign – demanding that Pakistan’s affairs be run in accordance with the Quran, sunnah and the vision of its founding fathers. PKKH unveiled its ‘Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution’ on March 23rd 2010 in Lahore reflecting these demands. PKKH worked with Maria B’s ‘Mission Pakistan’ NGO and ran ‘Wake Up Pakistan’ which was covered on various national TV channels. In 2010 PKKH distanced itself from one of the speakers from the Wake Up Pakistan shows – Zaid Hamid – after his dubious past and questionable issues came to light. PKKH severed all ties with ZH’s BrassTacks and continues to work completely independently ever since.

 Why PKKH? Purpose and Ideology:

In the course of time, as it has encountered with the acute situation of Pakistan and gathered first-hand knowledge on issues, PKKH has fashioned its ideology and objectives as follows:

  • PKKH deems it its foremost responsibility to safeguard and enhance the ideological basis upon which this country was founded. We recognize the ploy set by the mainstream media and other political elements to hijack the air of patriotism from the masses and vow to give this sacred feeling back to their beholders.
  • At PKKH, we are alert of the fact that the masses are deliberately being fed with a negative image of the Armed Forces, thereby inducing hatred for an institution that has to be depended upon for their security and existence. We were of the view that the Armed Forces were on the right direction and supported their actions when it comes down to hunt terrorists who work against the foundations of the country.
  • We decided to target three segments of our society, the Intellects, the Youth and people of Takfeer. For intellects/reading-class we produced reports, analysis and accessed them with global, regional and internal news that really matters but is deliberately deleted from mainstream media. For the youth we produced road shows, interviews, youth activism programs involving the youth with us and providing and enhancing PKKH as a trustable platform for their representation.
  • Against the Takfeeris we joined hands with scholars who are working against this menace at large, on scholarly basis. Supporting Armed Forces and neutralizing the extremist elements within the society with the help of scholars is another part that we are playing. A project to expose these Takfeeri people in English and Urdu Language with detailed papers is also in pipe line.
  • We strongly believe that if we want to show our youth the brighter, real side of Pakistan, and if we want our youth to regain its belief in the true national identity and be able to stand proudly behind the prime institutions of the country including the Armed Forces we will have to go through the laborious crusade of manifesting the truth and falsifying the false every day. To make Pakistan a livable and prideful place, we will have to turn them towards the path of productivity, a path towards which our educational institutions have failed to direct them and a path barred by our media and induced intellects. The Youth can easily be a prey for the takfeeris, who mean to destabilize the nation at all levels, they systematically plan to stir the emotions of the youth into desired outcomes, it is our aim to show the other side of the story and bond the emotions with sensibility.
  • We recognize that through mainstream and alternative media, masses are effected by the dominance of the Liberal/Secular lobby that has dominated the information center-stage and that the masses are entangled in confusion and disbelief given the warfare of international and local propaganda; we have worked to clear those doubts by producing reports, analysis, shows and youth activism programs in different institutes of Pakistan.
  • We were observing that while our Armed Forces were engaged at different levels, media was dancing on the tunes of foreign agenda, creating confusion and ambiguities to spread chaos, depression and hopelessness in the masses and especially in the youth. We needed to present them the positive side of Pakistan; the Pak Army needed to be portrayed as our savior not our inflictor, in the domain of information and knowledge for the masses and particularly for the youth.
  • The outside world, particularly the western general public was reading reports by those liberal and secular spokesmen who were already against the Armed Forces, their every action, and even their very presence. The pro-Indian lobby of the country was talking to the Westerners in the foreign media and no one was countering their propaganda to present the true picture and face of Pakistan. PKKH did this and alhamdulillah, today we have more audience from west then from Pakistan and India alone. The reports and voice of PKKH reached different intellectual levels, people started taking our point of view seriously and we became the representation of the real Pakistan at many levels.
  • PKKH tried to expose all efforts of sponsored terrorism in Pakistan which is trying to destabilize Pakistan and whose proponents are trying to catch our youth and intellects with their emotional literature.

Alternative Media, its impact & Importance

The alternative media, the non-mainstream media, or the independent media has gain a lot of importance in the current era. Due to expansion of the Internet, the alternate media has taken a massive rise in the last decade, increasing its power to influence the everyday life in the present world. In today’s world alternative media has gained power over the main stream media, for the reason that more and more people are realizing that the mainstream media is extremely policy-driven and biased towards the interests of its financiers. The alternative media has become a source of first-hand information and a means of spreading the real-time struggles of people, providing alternate levels of information and showing people another way to follow. In today’s world, alternate media is ruling and its effect is getting bigger by the day.

II. Mission PKKH

PKKH aspires to take upon itself the seemingly impossible task of redirecting the nation on a positive track of productivity, glory and the subjective fulfillment as espoused by founding fathers of this nation. We believe that moving a whole nation from its inertia is not easy, but only if we can make our people think differently, all can be moved and changed and the alternate media is just the tool for that. Through this tool we can counter the 4th generation war by securing the ideology and favour of the educated class, which is fated to have the reigns of control of the state in their hand; if the educated are enlightened they will in turn enlighten the whole nation. The negative propaganda of the media and its flimflam of shuffling the right with the wrong and always managing to end up with the wrong card at the top, has depressed the whole nation and especially the youth to the limit that they would hate everything around them and start associating their dreams with foreign people and land; PKKH aims to rejoin these dreams with own land and own people. PKKH recognizes the elements of takfeer in the religious, political and social arena, they work for destabilizing the working system, therefore they have to be dealt with, PKKH aims to remove this element by counter propaganda and developing political awareness.

III- Objectives of PKKH

Listed in detail below, our objectives revolve around the defense of Pakistan’s geo-strategic interests and ideology at any required front.

  • To emerge as one of the strong and reputable voice in the alternate media and stringently propagate the ideology of Pakistan.
  • To facilitate replacement of the failed and corrupt western-style democratic system by a civil setup consisting of individuals who are true patriots at heart and specialized technocrats at hand. These individuals must be Pro-Pakistan loyalists who will join hands to form a “government of conscience” and a “government of accountability” whether or not with the support of the Armed Forces of Pakistan to ensure the well-being of Pakistani nation.
  • To defend and support Pakistan’s geo-strategic and regional interests on every forum and every possible front.
  • To strive to expose elements that are working against the interests of Pakistan and are involved in any sort of anti-Pakistan activities that could harm the state and nation of Pakistan in any way, with complete disregard to the religious or ethnic or political affiliations of these elements.
  • To strive in an effort to influence the policies of the Armed Forces of Pakistan with the goal of bringing them furthermore along the same lines as that of the patriots of Pakistan and therefore extend full moral, ethical and political support to the Armed Forces and Intelligence Services of Pakistan including operations carried out by these institutions which, as mentioned above, are in line with the true ideology of Pakistan and as per the opinions and wishes of its citizens.
  • To reject and discourage movements which are involved in and associated to any kind of activities that could create chaos to spread hatred on religious, political, linguistic or regional grounds within the Pakistani society. Legitimacy of individuals or groups propagating beliefs based on “Takfir” will not be tolerated at any cost.
  • To take part in honest, unbiased reporting, opinion building, knowledge enhancement with intellectual development, spiritual growth and self-realization of the people of Pakistan in general and the youth of Pakistan in particular.