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Israel’s strikes have killed almost fifty more Gazans.

GAZA STRIP: Israeli forces continued to attack different locations in Gaza, such

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Across the nation, Ashura was observed peacefully despite increased security.

To commemorate Yaum-i-Ashura, mourners staged processions around the country on Wednesday in

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An unintentional grenade explosion at the Jamshoro Police Station left six people hurt: DIG

Hand grenades stored in Jamshoro Police Station’s evidence lockup detonated and caused

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US announces their 592-person Olympic squad.

ANGELES: On Wednesday, the star-studded 592-member United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee

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60 corpses discovered in Shujaiya following an Israeli attack on Gaza City

GAZA CITY: Under a fierce new Israeli attack on Thursday, residents of

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Cargo ship captured by Ukraine; skipper detained for shipping “looted” grain

KYIV: According to officials on Thursday, Ukraine intercepted a foreign cargo ship

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PM requests FBR to eradicate corruption

ISLAMABAD: To guarantee that customs taxes are fully enforced, Prime Minister Shehbaz

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SBP has $9.4 billion in reserves

KARACHI: During the week that concluded on July 5, the State Bank

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PTI suspends ‘unruly’ Marwat’s membership

ISLAMABAD: Following a meeting between the top leadership of Adiala Jail and

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