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Year 2011: One year after the worst flooding disaster in the history of the region, more floods triggered by heavy rains have devastated parts of Southern Pakistan. About a million people have been affected and tens of thousands have lost their homes in this region which has still not recovered from last year’s floods.

The MERE LOG Project launched by PKKH in year 2010, raised over US$ 110,000 in its first year of launch. Our volunteers worked on ground with Doctors Worldwide (DWW),  Pakistan Army and Muslim Aid UK, providing rescue boat services, warm meals, medical assistance and temporary shelters for the victims of the 2010 floods all over Pakistan. Pakistanis from around the world put their trust in us to help our people and may Allah SWT accept our efforts.

For our people in Sindh affected by the floods of 2011, PKKH and its partner groups provided warm meals to at least 15,000 of our people in addition to running medical camps, ambulances and emergency boat rescue services. Ration packages containing sugar, salt, spices, rice, lentils, cooking ghee, tea leaves, and soap were being distributed to families.

We appreciate the trust put in us by our readers and supporters in these two projects. PKKH experimented the aid program, without any specific training or specialized guidance. We hope and expect the same levels of support in our future projects in’shaa’Allah. All our operations are 100% transparent and we provide photos and videos of all our relief activities where required. We also invite donors to travel with us to flood affected areas and help us in helping Our People.

To help Our People – please email with your name, location, contact number and mention the amount you’re willing to contribute – and one of our representatives will get in touch with you immediately.

Phases of Relief Projects

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Phases of Relief Projects