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Another Indian Navy sailor commits suicide

A 21-year-old Indian Navy sailor committed suicide during duty on board the

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آگ لگانے آئے چمن کوخود ہی جل کر راکھ ہوئے

بھارتی نیوی کا حاضرسروس کمانڈر اور را کے ایجنٹ کلبھوشن یادیو بھارتی

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Navy prevents Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters

KARACHI: Pakistan Navy detected an Indian submarine and prevented it from entering

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India accepts ‘spy’ as former navy officer, denies having links

ISLAMABAD: The Indian Foreign Office on Friday, while admitting the alleged RAW

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Two missing after India navy plane crashes into sea

MUMBAI: A naval aircraft crashed off the western Indian coast leaving two pilots

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How can India become a regional naval power if its sailors keep dying?

India is not engaged in active naval warfare against any country at

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Indian Navy gets new chief

NEW DELHI: The Indian Navy’s top brass is expected to undergo a major

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Accident at Indian Nuclear Submarine Centre Kills One Worker

One civilian worker was killed and two others injured in an accident

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Indian Navy Mishaps; Alarm of Ailing Democracy

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.

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Indian Navy Chief Quits Over Accident Record

Admiral resigns after crew missing and injured in latest of a slew

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