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Heatwave to be prolonged with the maximum temperature remaining above 40°C for 2 weeks

ISLAMABAD: The heatwave in the twin cities has prolonged with the maximum

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Two days Emergency declared in Karachi hospitals combat the soaring temperatures

KARACHI: Public hospitals across Karachi declared on Thursday a two-day emergency to

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10 ways to fight heat this Ramadan

Here is June, the month of extreme heat, when temperature can rise

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Staying Healthy During Ramzan

The holy month of Ramzan is filled with blessings, mercy and self-training

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Climate change a medical emergency: Report

A new study has declared climate change as a medical emergency though

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How to prevent a heat stroke?

KARACHI: What should one do to fight off the heat? The EDO

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Heat wave to persist in most parts of country: PMD

ISLAMABAD: Heat wave gripping most parts of the country, especially plain areas,

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