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China’s Xi warns of Covid rural outbreaks as country races for drugs

After President Xi Jinping stated that he was concerned about an influx

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More countries roll out China traveller checks amid COVID surge

BEIJING: As the number of COVID-19 cases in China continues to rise,

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China and Russia hold naval drills and practice capturing submarines

MOSCOW: After a week of joint exercises, which included practicing how to

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Chinese plan trips as COVID regulations get easier

BEIJING: Despite the fact that rising infections further strained the health system

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As China’s Xi announces a “new era” in relations, Saudi Arabia gives a lavish welcome

RIYADH: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman received President Xi Jinping on

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As broader easing beckons, Beijing reduces the requirement for Covid testing

The latest in a series of easing measures taken throughout China following

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Xi will attend a Chinese-Saudi summit during his trip to Saudi Arabia

DUBAI: State news agency SPA reported on Tuesday that Chinese President Xi

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After protests, China eases its stance on the severity of the COVID

BEIJING: After anger over the world's toughest restrictions morphed into nationwide protests,

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Chinese authorities seek out Covid protesters

Three people who attended the weekend protests in Beijing against the Covid-19

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China COVID infections hit record as economic outlook darkens

BEIJING: China reported a record-high number of COVID- 19 infections on Thursday,

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