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Due to import restrictions, concerns about a healthcare crisis grow

ISLAMABAD: Following the recent restriction requiring registration with the Drug Regula­tory Authority

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Commissioner expands health sector to provide medical facilities

Commissioner Multan division, Ashfaq Ahmad Chaudhry, said that the health area was

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Pakistan’s medical inequality

Folk wisdom dictates that if a man does not eat at home,

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Pakistani medical student sets new record by receiving 18 gold medals

FAISALABAD: Dr Royna Aslam of Punjab Medical College of Faisalabad has set

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Belarus, Pakistan to develop cooperation in medical tourism Society

Measures to enhance the Belarusian-Pakistani cooperation in healthcare and pharmaceuticals were discussed

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Medical store owners continues strike against new legislation

CHITRAL/TIMERGARA: The chemists and druggists on Tuesday continued their shutter down strike

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Marriages within families, clans termed major cause of genetic disorders

KARACHI: Marriages among cousins and within clans are one of the major causes

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Young cobbler hopes to perform medical miracles

FAISALABAD: Residing in Sahiwal’s small village of Kot Deval Mal, life of 19-year-old

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Staying Healthy During Ramzan

The holy month of Ramzan is filled with blessings, mercy and self-training

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‘Zero pain is not the goal’ of medical treatment, doctors say

As doctors contemplate a future without opiates to treat chronic pain, some

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