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Pakistan is Under Severe Threat from Climate Change: ADB

Pakistan may experience a decline in rainfall by 20-50 percent and could

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Olive tree plantations completed across 3,166 acres in Potohar region

ISLAMABAD: Olive tree plantations have been completed in 3,166 acres of land in

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Pakistani citizens gasp for clean air

Furhan Hussain moved to Islamabad seeking fresher air, only to find Pakistan’s

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Pakistan Navy commemorates Environment Day with Karachi Harbour cleanup

KARACHI: World Environment Day is observed internationally on 05 June every year under

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Impact of Global Warming & Climate Change

The changing climate patterns and global warming caused by carbon emissions pose

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Pakistani Province Grows 750 Million Trees

ISLAMABAD —  Officials in Pakistan say a massive government-run reforestation campaign has

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More than 90 percent of world’s coral reefs will die by 2050

There were startling colours here just a year ago, a dazzling array

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Effect of Smog on Environment and Health

The word “Smog” derived from the merging of two words “smoke” and

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Environmental negligence: Police yet to arrest suspects for chopping down 70 trees

KARACHI: The police have failed to arrest the suspects responsible for cutting 70

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Earth’s ecosystem taking strain – report

Johannesburg - Unprecedented environmental degradation is jeopardising the health of future generations.

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