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Moiz Khan

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Indian frustration on Kashmir’s Uprising

India is crying because of the Kashmir uprising. They want them to

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Travelogue – Hingol National Park, Balochistan

"No, No, No" I got to hear from my family, on thought

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Waste Dumping Dilemma at Karachi Coast

Pakistan is located on the ideal location on the map having a

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Lahore Church Blasts: Just Another Terror Attack

  Deeply saddened by the news of blasts that rocked two churches

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India’s interest in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is alandlocked country having no borders with India. US-led NATO forces

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Fractured Education System: A Root Cause

If you are ignoring the importance of education in today's world, then

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The Way I See It : Hamid Mir Attack and Its After Effects

The attack on Hamid Mir in Karachi was an unfortunate and condemnable

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Media, Thou Discombobulate Us.

Media has great significance in today’s world. An event that happens at

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Let’s Call the Army

The Army’s role has been criticized at all levels in the recent

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